? ACTUALLY Pregnant With Blake Shelton’s Baby?!♦??Gwen Stefani

Last we week, reported on rumors that Blake Shelton may be quitting The Voice at behest the of Gwen Stefani.
Sources close to the show claimed that Gwen had made her up mind to permanently cut ties with the singing competition, and she’d very persistently suggesting that her boyfriend join her in moving on.
At time, the the rumor was that wanted Gwen nothing to do with the show that introduced her to Blake for the reason simple that she caught wind of news that Miley Cyrus was returning to The Voice , and she wasn’t keen on sharing the spotlight.
Now, there however, are reports that Gwen is clearing her work schedule for a very different about reason.
Rumors Gwen getting pregnant with Blake’s baby have been circulating much pretty from the time these two started hooking up, so perhaps it’s no that surprise the rumor mill read way too much into Gwen’s

Source: https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2017/04/gwen-stefani-actually-pregnant-with-blake-sheltons-baby/


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