20 Eyes – Wait For Me

20 Eyes – Wait For Me
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I walk alone
Down winding roads
I really hope I find my way
I wish this song
Could take me back
Before we lost track ’cause I would stay

Wait for me
Wait for me
I’m coming home

Sometimes I think
Why’d I ever leave?
Just thought I needed something more
But with out you
My hearts gone cold
I miss you so don’t lock your door

My feet are bruised and blistered
From these worn out shoes
My heart is torn and twisted
So if you want me to
I’ll beg you from my knees now
And never let you down
Let you down

I can hear your whisper through the crowd
Just hear me now
I’m coming home
I can hear your footsteps for a mile
It’s been a while
I’m coming home

• 20 Eyes

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