80’s, GOTHIC, NEW WAVE, DARKWAVE, POST-PUNK – #awesome #Videos and #Songs

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A playlist with some bands from 80’s gothic, new wave, darkwave, post-punk.

1- Alien Sex Fiend- Do you Sleep at Night?
2- A Split Second- Mambo Witch
3- Parade Ground- Strange World
4- Martin Dupont- The Light Goes Through my Mouth
5- Zero Le Creche- Beyond West World
6- Arte no Escuro- Beije-me Cowboy
7- Sitiados- Até o fim
8- Lupercais- Funeral
9- Decima Victima- La Razón de la Discordia
10- El ultimo Eslabon- Santos Inocentes
11- Euroshima- Como los Outros
12- Skeletal Family- Hands on Clock
13- Xmal Deutschland- Augen-Blick
14- Neva- Frenezie
15- Corpus Delicti- Absent Friend
16- Norma Loy- 1964 Shadows
17- Asylum Party- Madhouse Grass
18- The Sound- Judgement

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