ALWAYS LIKE THE WIND – Love Song With A Vengeance – Powerful Country Rock Ballad

Mark Bullet gets serious with his new Country Music Video and powerful vocal performance of “Always Like the Wind”, where Mark tells the short fictional Western story of a former Lawman who steps back into action to avenge the death of his true love and restore law and order to the Old West.

The song was first introduced in 1996 on a mini country album Mark Bullet produced and submitted to Jack McFadden, manager of Billy Ray Cyrus at the time. Though the songs on the album were intended for Billy Ray, as fate had it Billy Ray broke his ties with Jack in 1996. Now “Always Like the Wind” is here in a way that no one but Mark Bullet could have ever imagined!

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Bonus: For those who like antique guns (or just beautiful things); a pair of rare Antique US Cavalry, San Francisco Police Department marked, Smith & Wesson Schofield Revolvers and an 1886 Winchester are featured in the video.


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