Anavae – “Invaesion” Music Video – The Best #Alternative Rock #Music Videos

A project that we worked on to submit to the Zoom Film Festival. The entire thing was storyboarded, filmed and edited within a single week. Huge thanks to Anavae for letting us use their song!

This is something I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading. I’ve loved the idea of making a music video, but the extremely tight deadline combined with the amateur equipment brought on a lot of stress, meaning I couldn’t make this as good as I wanted to.

There are numerous different changes I could think of making and it annoys me that I’m no longer able to make them, but I’ve been told to simply accept what I manage to produce within the timeframe so I shall.

Again, huge thanks to Rebeccaa and the rest of Anavae for letting us use their music. They’re an amazing British Rock band and I can’t recommend them enough!

Song name: Invaesion
Band name: Anavae
Director: William Evans
Writers: William Evans and Joshua Gummer
Cameramen: Bradley Kaler, Alessandro Sidoli and William Evans
Editor: William Evans
Actors: William Evans and Morgan Rogers

The Best #AlternativeRock #MusicVideos and #Songs

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