Apparatjik Presents Lowell – The Birds

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Video Directed and Produced by: Lowell


The colors of the world
of the world are much brighter when you look to see
and I can see it in your eyes
in your eyes when you look at me

and you were lost when they came to save us
so they took us away
where we could stay

and then the voices of an angel came to sing us home
fly past every cloud and no one would know just how far we’d been
cause this blanket’s getting colder
and my dreams are getting older
and all I want to see is an angel coming back to me

she pointed to the sky the place she’d only dreamt of before
only to realize that she would always be weighted to the floor
and she was lost she was lost so they came to save her
so they took her a away where she and we would stay

and I wake in the night and the morning is rising
how many people see the birds singing to the moon and the trees.


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