Audioslave – Revelations

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You know what to do, you know what I did
Since you know everything just clue me in
I am such a wreck, I am such a mess
I know what I know, why don’t you fill in the rest?
I will bring you down, I will make it bad
While you’re feelin’ proud, why don’t you help me?

Such a shame that I wouldn’t know by now
Your revelations
Cut me in, I don’t wanna live without
Your revelations, revelations

You know what to say, you know what I said
You know what I dream sleeping in my bed
You hold all the keys, you know all the roads
Why don’t you guide me in, if I’m such a lost soul?
I’m spinnin’ ’round, I will make you ill
Since I’m so broken down, why don’t you fix me?


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