BEAUTY AND THE BEAT Justin Bieber Parody – Roofie in my Drink – JustinBieber #Videos

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Thank you to all our friends for being part of our Beauty and a Beat Justin Beiber Parody music video! This was the most fun we’ve had recording a parody song!

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[Verse 1]
Jerking off
So sick and tired a jerking off
What I got
a billion girls would never want

I’m at a party in my nerdy shell tonight
I wanna show you all that I’m a stud inside
but just forget about the girls I’m just too shy
I’m gonna pour a red bull and vodka

cuz all I need is a beauty for this geek
hey did someone spike my drink?
I’m all….confused, was that booze six hundred proof?
Now the room spins like a screw

Oh no…


Party Rock

Girl, I can Smang It Like a Boss

Well endowed
Girls call me broken condom style

We gonna party like it’s halloween tonight
and like a ghost you’ll moan between the sheets in delight
you’re just the best vampire girl, you suck me dry
I’m thrusting my wooden stake into ya

Cuz all I need is a roofie in my drink
and my inhibitions shrink
My balls aren’t blue

Ladies use me as a petting zoo
in the sack like a kangaroo

Hi Guy, you’re fly, which’s why I’m getting my Ortho-Tri
Raincoat for my ride. I’m gettin wetter than a slip’n’slide
Let’s play barista. I’m a be the coffee you the creamer
stir stick, deeper, but I got a keep a grindin on your beaners
Roofie, roofie in your drink
roofie make you think, that I have a beautiful physique

peek, when I take a leak, I put up the seat
I give you a trick and a treat, sweet!


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