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Reaction to Blake Shelton – Every Time I Hear That Song.

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Yo, Michael Martinez here.. VideoSquid is currently what you’d call a “reaction channel”. Some of the bigger names that people seem to really like on this channel are Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, One Direction, Sohyang, Lady Gaga, Diljit Dosanjh, and pretty much anyone on WISH 107.5.

This channel was started when I quit my job…. fine, I was laid off… I had some extra time on my hands and didn’t necessarily need to take on a new job at the moment, so I decided to find out what it would be like to become a “YouTuber” and if there was ANY possibility that THAT could actually be my new “job”. So I checked out the Trending Videos section on YouTube because I figured that’s where all the newest and coolest stuff would be, prime reaction material…. So I started off reacting to EVERYTHING!! Which was a waste of time…… although I guess it wasn’t a complete waste because it helped me work out some of the kinks. I was reacting to talk show interviews, random vlogs/sketches, educational animations – I’m bored just writing about it.. THEN I came across Zayn Malik’s stripped down version of “I Don’t Want To Live Forever”, which I thought was awful… I said exactly what I thought in the video and I received an unbelievable amount of hate, nothing like I’d ever experienced…. It didn’t bother me at all though, because of certain circumstances and even past jobs I’ve had, I have REALLY, really thick skin… The amount of hate actually excited me. The way I looked at it, engagement was engagement. Every time someone told me, “kill yourself”, “never react again”, “eww”, “quit youtube”, “shave your eyebrows”, “If I saw you right now I’d kill you”…. etc…… I thought, this is gonna help my SEO, I have so much activity!! Then I did MORE Zayn reactions, along the same lines of course, and others where I was also brutally honest and got MORE hate.. I got so used to being a hated channel and I totally embraced it. I accepted it as my thing.. But then something WEIRD happened……… people started to “respect”, “admire”, “appreciate”, even “LOVE” my honesty……. I didn’t know what to do with this information… It confused me for a moment… I didn’t mind the people that hated me at all, but now, I also wanted to keep the people that liked me, happy…. There was a short period where I didn’t know who to be… Do I keep being this Simon Cowell type that trolls my own haters?? Or do I be a nice guy now and tone it down because I don’t want to scare the nice people away?? Then I realized that the only reason ANYONE liked me in the first place was because of my honesty.. and I never minded the haters in the first place so, honesty was the answer…………….

It’s been awhile since that revelation, and this channel has been getting SO MUCH LOVE ever since……. Haters/trolls get bored after a while if they realize that they simply can’t get into your head.. The cool viewers stick around for the party 🙂 ….. People have been SO cool that I even decided to “give back” a little and give them the opportunity to “critique” ME, since that’s what I’m doing to their favorite artists on a daily basis… So I started uploading some of my original music, completely expecting to be DESTROYED in the comment section……. And nope…. More love….. I’ve been doing music for a long time…. And I’ve NEVER received this kind of love for it! I was overwhelmed by the positivity and realized that I have the BEST viewers!

I don’t know what the future holds for this channel. It’s currently 99.99% reactions but I’d also like to do vlogs, sketches, more original music, etc. I’ll try to learn more about what you guys want to see and then I’ll do my best to deliver.



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