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This is my 2nd track from my 1st Album “Days Of Creation”.
I called it Dragon’s hunt , Cause its starts pretty quiet, then go Rock…just like you know… the way you hunt a dragon xD
Info about my album and how it’s all started:
Usually i was posting only guitar solo tracks of mine or guitar solo covers, but i always wanted to make music like
the movies, such as Hans zimmer “pirates of the caribbean” theme or James Horner “braveheart” and “Titanic” themes.
Then i saw this amazing artist “Adrian Von Ziegler” who makes amazing Celtic songs…he gave me so much inspiration and realy helped me. So a big thanks to Adrian!
And then i decided to try making songs like that Genre, and this song just came out of me. Thank G.O.D for that 🙂
Then i thought “if i can make 1 song…maby i can do more?” and real quick another songs came out – some of them Celtic type, and some of them Celtic – Rock type, 1 emotional track and 1 arabic track.
And that’s it…i made my 1st album, i just learned that if you realy want something – you can do it. Specialy if you already have talent for what you love – just develop it as much as you can ^^
And if i made even just 1 person happy with my music , then my work was worth it.
Feel free to ask for Advices and most important –
Don’t give up on your dreams !

Enjoy 🙂
Ronen sakal

The photo in the video made by this Great Artist : https://sandara.deviantart.com/gallery/

All Music Composed by Ronen Sakal

© All audio copyrights belong to Ronen Sakal

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If your Project is non-commercial and its not earning any money, you can use my music for free,
Just write in your project Credits / Description “Music Made By Ronen Sakal” , with a link to my Youtube Channel.

If your Project is a Commercial and makes money – you can’t use my music without my permission,
So please Email me / Message me in my Social media sites and we figure out a Deal.


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