Chagall Guevara – Live at Cornerstone (7-5-91)

Chagall Guevara’s legendary performance at the Cornerstone festival from July 5, 1991. The recording is rough but I believe is essential in telling the history of the band, Steve Taylor, and the Cornerstone festival as a whole. I personally transferred this from a VHS bootleg tape I have.


1: The Wrong George
2: Tale O’ Twister
3: I Need Somebody
4: The Rub Of Love
5: Escher’s World
6: Play God
7: Still Know Your Number By Heart
8: Take Me Back To Love Canal
9: Monkey Grinder
10: Can’t You Feel The Chains
11: Violent Blue
12: If It All Comes True

13: Love Is A Dead Language
14: I Got A Line On You


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