Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – I Love American Music [Official Video]

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Directed by Jesse Locke (from AMZ Productions) & Steve Perry

Concept: Yvette Perry, Steve Perry

Thanks to Matt Lutsch at Parlour Tattoo

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I school ’em every chance I get
If they don’t like it they’re all wet
I’m a soft-eyed lover
Swing time drummer
To rhythm I was born and bred

I’ve followed where it’s led
I’ve wallowed and I’ve bled but
All it’s given is one room livin’ and
Sufferin’ appalling debt

As the years go by
Yeah my insight flowers
When that nightclub saxophone
Cuts a thousand years of cigar sour

Play it play again Sam x 4
I want American Music
I need American Music
I love American Music


Nasty rockin’ on an Ozark porch
My savior rattlin’ a Baptist church
Field hand hollers
Slave ship collars
I’m carrying my brothers’ torch

When the lights go down
And my scales stop showin’
Boy I smash my fingers down on the
Only truth that’s still worth knowin’


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