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Dead Can Dance video “The Carnival Is Over” directed by Ondrej Rudavsky.

[From Dead Can Dance box set “1981-1998”]. Words fail when describing this masterpiece.

6th September 2007 note: I added this video a year ago and I have received amazing feedback about it – it’s wonderful to see how this video touched so many people all over the world. At the time of the upload there was only another version in YouTube with poor sound so I decided to take this one from the box-set DVD improving the video a little and the sound a whole lot – on hindsight perhaps I could have use slightly less video compression but I’m happy with the result.

The original song was taken from “Into the Labyrinth” album – which I heartily recommend, along with the whole Dead Can Dance discography.

Video director official site:

February 2009: On late January 2009 I received a notification from YouTube stating that Warner Music Group, US distributor of 4AD – has requested my DCD videos to be blocked due to alleged copyright violation. This surprised me because I wasn’t even aware that Warner had anything to do with Dead Can Dance: being in Europe all the releases I own are marked 4AD/Beggars Banquet. After a brief Google search I found about the WMG/YouTube feud. My personal view and conviction, strongly based on the comments I get on my uploads is that these videos do a lot for promotion, thereby increasing potential profit both to the label/distributor and (hopefully) artist. I decided to write a message to Brendan Perry and he was kind enough to take some of his time to reply me giving his permission for the video to be available again, for everyone around the globe to enjoy.

So, here is is again, still not over, this carnival.


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