DELOREAN “EPIC” (official video) – The #Best #DanceMusic #Videos and #Songs

Director – Joan Guasch

Art direction and animation – Blāo

Track – Epic

Taken from latest LP “Muzik” (PHLEX)

“In this music video I was willing to work around the idea of the origin of sound and how it would behave in an extreme nature environment.

The song gave me the idea of the contemplation of abstract elements in a natural space that integrated in real image end up building imposible sculptures.

I took the art direction to my studio Blāo, working along my partner DAQ. We created 3D structures that react to music and through it’s progression will create complex objects that will represent different sounds. I wanted to explore a new visual language that would perfectly fit with the album’s cover. It was shot along South Iceland for a week.” – Joan Guasch

The #Best #DanceMusic #Videos and #Songs