episode 12: music videos (“I’m being stalked by Huey Lewis!”)

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After a brief hiatus, the siblings of snark are back at it with a nostalgia-fueled discussion on a favorite topic of the ‘90s: music videos! Random tangents up top (Daniel Day Lewis! Wheel of Fortune!) and updates on the hate mix and Dad’s mix from the music episode before Jon and Liz remember their all-time favorite music videos (Paranoid Android! Sledgehammer! Smack My Bitch Up!) and reminisce on the halcyon days when MTV was actually about (gasp!) music. Old-school animation techniques, present-day music video epics (Lemonade!), and reviewing the evolution of MTV and VH1 throughout the years somehow leads to sidebars about ESPN and fashion before making it back to the topic at hand. Lots of nostalgic music video mentions, jokes about dad, and more (somewhat) related tangents than you can shake a stick at in this lively episode, including a dig on Bruce Springsteen towards the end.

Source by Dad Doesn’t Know About This Podcast

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