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Ganbaru – “Bleeding Hearts” Official Music Video – A BlankTV Premiere!

Artist city, country: South Kingsville, Melbourne, Australia

Artist Biography: If there is one band that would embody the ‘never say die’ attitude that the Japanese word GANBARU evokes, it would be the Melbourne, Australia melodic hardcore band of the same name. In the past two years since their last release, GANBARU have been tested on every level. Be it legal challenges, tour car crashes, member changes and multitudes of other setbacks, GANBARU have never come close to throwing in the towel. In fact, GANBARU have tackled every obstacle head on, and have used every setback as fuel to create their debut album “Declaration,” an album that takes the listener on a journey of ups and downs, reflective of the circumstances that have confronted the group on the road to the album’s creation.

After 4 productive years performing nationwide under the name ‘DECLARATION,’ which saw countless shows, tours, and two EP’s (2011’s Searching for the Answers and 2012’s Before It’s Too Late), the band was rocked in 2014 when they were challenged legally by an overseas act of the same name. Following 2 months of negotiations, emails, phone calls and threats, the band decided that the best course of action to move forward was to move away from the past under a new name. A task far easier said than done, the band was forced to look inward at what makes them tick at the core, what direction they were heading creatively, what they stand for and who they are as a collective. Only one word seemed cover all these bases, thus, GANBARU was born.
Titled ‘Declaration’ both in reference and reverence to the band’s previous name. GANBARU have produced an album that more than holds it’s own. Fast, fun and full of heart, ‘Declaration’ ebbs and flows from the outset until the final chord rings out. Rapid fire riffing collides with hook laden melody lines, while bouncing rhythms are enforced with harsh vocals screaming lyrics of positivity and social awareness. The trademark GANBARU crew shouts and sing-alongs are plentiful, the delivery honest and passion undeniable. In ‘Declaration’, GANBARU have conceived an album that is a full body of work to stand the test of time.

Adam Thomas – Vocals
Chris Green – Guitar
Evan McLellan – Bass
Jeremy Fenton – Guitar
Joel Cairns – Drums

Producer Name: JULIAN RENZO
Producer Link:

About The Video: “Bleeding Hearts” Is the first single from the forthcoming GANBARU album “Declaration,” out October 23, 2015. Filmed at Howler in Melbourne, Australia under the direction of Shaun Crawford.

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: At some point we all have to choose
How much we give
And contribute
The choice is ours to make
To stand for something
Or stand for nothing
And always be left wondering
What could have been?

I’d prefer to have this bleeding heart
Than to have no conscience at all
At least this heart will help me through dark times
When everything else fails

It’s not a weakness to show passion
It’s a strength
To show commitment
And dedication
We should always strive
To make an impact
To leave a mark on the world
Through our fortitude

These bleeding hearts
Will help us through

Stand for something or stand for nothing
The choice is up to you

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The #Best #DanceMusic #Videos and #Songs