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Four whole years is a long way down
can we sleep this off in the lost and found
I guess we had no idea there would be no sound
when the guns went off and we hit the ground

Singing out…
oh oh oh
they were long days, they were long days
they were long days with the ghosts you left me

We’re haunted by what we’ve seen
another force to cause emergency
our paper hearts are folding
they’re torn apart as we hold them
What are we doing this for?
We’re born together we’ll die together
We’re haunted by what we’ve seen
We were born together we’ll die together

Fourteen years since I left this town
how can you love me when I’m not around
I guess that we’ve seen this all through the devils’ eyes
when the darkness falls and the vultures rise

Something changed in us
in the arms of sinners
we were forged in the fire’s
that we have within us

We’re born together we’ll die together

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