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An Epic Rock Action Dramatic Orchestral Trailer Track from the new Brand X Music album – “BXM023 Volume. 15” composed by Tom Gire, John Anthony Sponsler & Joshua Lynch

Track: World Without End
Company: Brand X Music
Album: Brand X Music Catalogue – BXM023: Volume. 15
Composer: John Anthony Sponsler Jr. (ASCAP), Tom Gire (BMI), Joshua Lynch (ASCAP)
Year: 2012
Genre: Epic Dramatic Rock Action Trailer Score
Label: Sasel Sounds (BMI), Swopie Songs (ASCAP)
Copyrighted: Brand X Music

Action/Epic/Rock – Captivating guitar pulses layer and grow to create an intriguing pulsing bed. Kicks in @1:05 with modern cinematic rock groove featuring powerful drums and huge stacked guitars with cool textures. Breaks down @1:35 to pulses and haunting pads. Returns with a vengeance adding intense short strings and massive drums. Epic choir melody @2:20 adding pounding percussion and even more guitar layers building to a climactic finish. Dark, Moody. Medium Fast. Trailer, Orchestral, Promotional.

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