Hit Music Videos – Vanyaland Exclusive: Paul Westerberg, interviewed by Peter Wolf – #Hit #Music #Videos

Peter Wolf drops by to chat with Paul Westerberg to discuss The I Don’t Cares’ debut album, “Wild Stab”.

The I Don’t Cares is a collaboration between Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield, and the record is Out January 22 via Dry Wood Music.

Video by Paul Armstrong for Vanyaland. More info at vanyaland.com.

3:25: How did the collaboration come about?
8:37: Bringing Sammy Davis Jr. alive
12:54: Dissecting I Don’t Cares songs, and writing for Juliana Hatfield
16:35: Let the music do the talking
19:22: “There’s a certain mystery that sits with this [LP]”
23:27: Songs from Paul Westerberg’s basement
28:00: How old Replacements demos became I Don’t Cares songs
31:38: Westerberg’s first record bought, first concert attended
35:45: Westerberg’s first guitars, and when music started paying the rent
40:03: Coming off the Replacements’ reunion tour
47:10: Singers in the band are the craziest
50:26: Let’s get a refill
51:00: “We teased ourselves… we’re not making a record”
53:35: Life after the Replacements reunion
56:30: Where is Juliana?
59:56: Taking the I Don’t Cares on the road


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