Indie Pop Rock Compilation 1 Hour – NEW Spring Summer 2017


Whether you’re searching for some rocking tunes to get you in the feel good spirit whilst you drive, concentrate or work, this playlist is packed with some of the best new indie tunes!
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00:00 Firelight by Courtyards
3:53 Jealousy by Pool
7:25 Change Of Heart by Dutch Criminal Record
11:32 Cheap Date by Junior Prom
14:42 Geordie Lad by Skinny Lister

17:57 Flying Apart by Los Colognes

22:50 Run For Cover by New Carnival
27:13 Blondie by Captiva

30:29 Goosebumps by Shiners
33:06 Hospitals by Shiny Wet Machine

36:01 Long Distance by Only Sun

38:58 Week To Week by The Merks
43:24 Reminisce by Riverman
46:57 Smokey Eyes by Lincoln
50:03 Hearts At Midnight by Fall Like Rockets

56:39 Speak and Spell by Glass Peaks
59:44 Tell Her How You Feel by The Assist
1:02:42 Banks by Lincoln

I do not own any content used within this video. All rights belong to their artists and producers. All videos are monetised by the bands and their labels, I do not profit financially from any content used. All music is used for free promotional purposes only.


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