INDIE POP SUMMER 1 HOUR COMPILATION 2017 (Alternative Music Playlist)


A 1 hour playlist compiled of uplifting and inspiring songs to give you that feel good vibe, it may not be summer yet but with these songs you won’t notice the difference! Click below to see a list of artists featured and their track order

If your band would like to be featured or know some great unknown artists you’d love to see in my playlists, feel free to drop me a message or email at


00:00 Sweet Arizona by East Love
3:00 Stay With Me by Traverse Town
7:31 Alive by Secret Company
10:46 Awake by Freedomfry
13:58 Blame The Weather by CLUBHO– USE

16:49 Morphine by New Atlas
19:30 Thailand by Shortstraw

22:33 Call Me Crazy by Wanderer

26:08 Heart Starts Beating by Coasts

30:00 Wild Ones by CRUSOE

32:58 If I Could Be Like You by Castlecomer

35:35 Are You Wanting It All by Youth Club

38:56 Bayhouse by Wylder

41:54 Something You Feel by Charge The Atlantic
45:47 Take A Trip With Me by Natalie Duffy
49:21 Felicity by Nights Lights
52:43 The Answer by Wyland
57:14 Joy by Telehope

1:00:07 Evaporate by The Fontaines

I do not own any content used within this video. All rights belong to their artists and producers. All videos are monetised by the bands and their labels, I do not profit financially from any content used. All music is used for free promotional purposes only.


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