Long Time Waiting (P52-36) Feat: Carmen Brandy – The #best #country music videos

Project 52 Week 36! This week I’m sharing a song called “Long Time Waiting”. Co-written with a great young artist named Carmen Brandy. She has such a great voice and heart for country music. She’s going to be one to watch out for Nashville! We wrote this a few weeks back and Carmen was kind enough to come and sing it for this week’s Project 52 video. Carmen moved to Nashville with her family about a year ago from Florida. We met at the ASCAP office (Nashville) in 2012 when we played some songs for a rep at ASCAP. With the powers of the internet we managed to keep in touch after that intial meeting. Me and my wife Jeanne went to see her one night recently and loved her. She’s already a seasoned performer and very comfortable on stage. I’m rooting for this girl to make it to the big time. I think you’ll understand why when you see and hear her. Thanks for continuing to watch my P52 videos!

You can find out more about Carmen at www.carmenbrandy.com. Hit her Facebook page up too and throw her some likes. Shares and likes are what get the music heard these days!


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