Paris Jazz and Paris Jazz Sessions: 2 HOURS of Paris Jazz Cafe Music

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Paris jazz & Paris jazz sessions. 2 hours of Paris jazz cafe music. This Paris jazz and Paris jazz cafe music collection is composed and recorded by Australia musician David Lewis Luong. Please download this collection of Paris jazz cafe music at Reverbnation link of: ttps://

Featured in this Paris jazz music collection are:

Track 1: Sous le réverbère – By the street lamp (starts at 00:00)
Track 2: Le réveillon de Noël – Feast of Christmas Eve (starts at 3:33)
Track 3: Baiser sous le gui- Kiss under the Mistletoe (starts at 8:03)
Track 4: Glamour sur les Champs Elysées – Glamour of Champs-Elysées (starts at 11:30)
Track 5: Noël blanc à Paris – White Christmas in Paris (starts at 15:18)
Track 6: Plaisir d’offrir – Wonders of giving (starts at 18:51)
Track 7: Monsieur bonhomme de neige – Mr Snowman (starts at 23:15)
Track 8: Divin sapin de Noël – Splendid Christmas Tree (starts at 26:53)
Track 9: Nuit des Lumières – Eve of enlightenment (starts at 30:20)
Track 10: Premières neiges – First snow (starts at 34:15)
Track 11: Mon calendrier de l’Avent – My advent calendar (starts at 38:44)
Track 12: Pour vous, mon Dieu – For you my Lord (starts at 42:40)
Track 13: One night in Paris (starts at 57:09)
Encore starts at 1:27:18

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