Pop-Punk Compilation – February 2014 (30-Minute Playlist)

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You’ll find 11 pop-punk songs in this compilation that I’m currently really into. There are bands/songs/time-links below, make sure to subscribe if you liked the video for future playlists and more music!

✖ February rock compilation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xvfIn3ECfg.

00:00 Seaway — ‘Familiar Faces’
02:14 In Her Own Words — ‘Reverie’
05:10 Dance! No Thanks — ‘Stuck in Prison’
07:46 Royal Fisticuffs — ‘No Answer’
11:13 Such Sights — ‘Comfort of Deceit’
14:03 Bombardier To Pilot — ‘Idle Hands’
17:08 Kids Can’t Fly — ‘She Called Shotgun’
20:41 Sudden Suspension — ‘Let’s Call This One Heartbreak’
23:28 Dance! No Thanks — ‘Looking For The Answers’
25:58 Bombardier To Pilot — ‘Part 1’
28:30 Kid Down — ‘Good Shituations’


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