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best country folk song, seven drunken nights, full funny pop music cartoons version, irish drinking songs. full 7 drunken nights pub cover remix, best version by far of the song seven drunken nights by the irish band the dubliners. this is the only full traditional version in the world! i try to make something a bit special, Best Folk Songs Of All Time i hope you enjoy, Top pop music song cover remix mashups by me. the funny story song tells of a drunken irishman going home pissed from the pub every night only to find some very unusual things and changes in his house but really his wife is having a secret love affair and when he questions her about the strange changes she lies and makes up some funny excuses and just tells him that he’s drunk, i have made this for youtube enjoyment from a old vhs video movie film recording of an old claymation cartoon. i do not own this celtic st patricks day party song, i only remixed the song and mashed up the video so as to make a complete full 7 drunken nights version, no copyright infringement intended. new 2016 music videos song covers, if you like what i have done with this sing along song and the cartoon animation i hope that you will like and share it for me, the song mentions the name breasts and thing but contains no swearing or unacceptable content, wikipedia officially describes the song as humorous, i have some other irish folk songs and music videos of ireland on my youtube channel including pub sing along songs like cockles and mussels and an instrumental harp and tin flute version of Oh Danny boy, irish american canadian australian scottish and english spoken folk songs for world wide enjoyment, thank you, keep fiddling yours mike 🙂


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