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Club jazz and acid jazz funk. Best of club jazz music and club jazz instrumental dance mix. This club jazz collection is composed and recorded for your enjoyment.

Featured in this club jazz playlist are:

Track 1: Bring me tomorrow (starts at 00:00)
Track 2: Memories of dusk (starts at 4:31)
Track 3: Close to you (starts at 9:19)
Track 4: When tomorrow comes (starts at 14:30)
Track 5: Echoes of paradise (starts at 19:29)
Track 6: Flashback (starts at 24:30)
Track 7: Uptown girl (starts at 29:29)
Track 8: Dawn of joy (starts at 33:16)
Track 9: On a night like this (starts at 36:54)
Track 10: Cruising midnight (starts at 40:47)

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