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This video was filmed in Grense Jakobselv, Norway, as close to the Russian border as we could get.

I do not represent Pussy Riot. This is my best attempt to interpret their Punk Prayer.


Prayers crawl towards the cross,
golden marks upon their frocks.
Freedom’s ghost has left these lands.
Help us if you can!

KGB have turned to saints.
Gay parades sent off in chains.
Blessed limousines congest the streets
to hail their saint-in-chief.

Holy Mary, drive Putin away.
Drive away this darkness from your halls.
Drive away the ungodly souls.
Our Lady tear the eagle off your walls.

Father Gundyayev pays back
from his bag of holy crap:
‘Woman, keep quiet and love your man
your fate and fatherland!’

Holy Mary, be a feminist.
Pray not for the mighty but the meek.
Drive away the lies that they speak.
Our lady, hear our prayer unto thee.

Gundy never cared for God.
All that dickhead wants is power.
Mary, your belt should bring us hope
now it’s used as rope.

Damn their lies, deliver us!
Pry the copper from the cross!
Mary, our hands are tied in prayer.
Help us if you’re there!

Holy Mary, drive Putin away.
Drive away this darkness from your halls.

Filmed and edited by Jørgen Nordby.
Idea and concept by Maren Skolem.
Additional filming by Lars Øymo for Fenomen Film.

Takk: Thor Morten, Oddvar, Audun, Halvor, Masood, Laila, Tuva, Varvara, Kulturkirken Jakob, and all those others who helped along the way!

Written by Pussy Riot.
Translated by Pål Moddi Knutsen and Maren Skolem.
Melody by Sergei Rachmaninoff.
New arrangement by Pål Moddi Knutsen.

Produced by Hasse Rosbach.
Performed by Pål Moddi Knutsen (organ, voice), Katrine Schiøtt (cello) and [ … ] (piano).
Released by Propeller Recordings.



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