Relaxing Jazz Music

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Cowboy Bebop OST – Space Lion 0:00
Cowboy Bebop OST/Blue – Farewell Blues 7:11
Cowboy Bebop OST/Blue – Road to the West 12:41
Fly Me to the Moon – Jazz Piano 15:36
Cowboy Bebop OST – Goodnight Julia 18:00
Serenade – Blue [Chrono Trigger – Corridor of Time] – Nostalgic Melodies 19:54
Smooth Jazz Music Track 24:09
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OST – Elegy for Kamina’s Father Who Became a Skeleton 29:54
The Seatbelts – Adieu 33:05
The Seatbelts – Waste Land 39:18
Turnabout Jazz Soul – Track 8 – Godot – The Fragrance of Dark Coffee 41:09

New version without the fireplace sounds, by request.
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