Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber REUNITE in Texas – JustinBieber #Videos

Jelena! The once inseparable dynamic duo hit up Starbucks and a breakfast joint in Texas for some one-on-one time on Mar. 7.

It looks like Justin Bieber has smooth talked his way into Selena Gomez’s heart…for the 19th time. The on again/off again couple seem to be very much on again as the two were seen out and about in the Texas town of McAllen on Friday March 7. Fans noticed the two together, and immediately started Instagramming pictures. Though it’s easy to spot the Biebs, Selena kept things more low key by sporting a hoodie, making it hard to tell it was her. But it obviously didn’t work too well since, ya know, she’s one of the world’s biggest stars and pretty much anybody could recognize her — especially when she’s with Justin. Apparently, the two ran around town together doing all sorts of different things. First, they started off with some breakfast at a place called Don Pepe’s, then they hit up a Starbucks — where Selena post a pic on Instagram — then they followed that up with a trip to a store called Royal Perfume where the Biebs bought Obsession by CK and Pour Homme by Givenchy. This is just the latest bit of Jelena news, as earlier this week, JB shared a photo of Selena on Instagram calling her the most elegant princess in the world. We guess his “charms” must have worked on her! And as for the reason why Selena is in the Lone Star state? Apparently, she has a show in Hidalgo, Texas on Saturday night. Well, the last time they reunited…Selena went to rehab shortly thereafter and Justin got a DUI. But I think having a good relationship with an EX is essentially in feeling at peace so I hope only good things come from this on

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iSelena Gomez & Justin Bieber Spend Weekend Together in Texas – DETAILS
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