Spirit Flow

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Fast moving spiritual inspirational track that takes you on a flying journey across life in a state of concentration, success, flow and accomplishment. Acoustic ukulele and guitars with a steady background beat and pumping base that gives a feeling of moving forward with power and determination. Perfect for all inspirational, motivational, concentrated, determined, yoga, meditation/zen themes.

Dreamland Media produces happy and inspirational background music for your youtube videos, podcasts, commercials, or any other media projects. Just follow the link below to Pond5.com and directly download the song and get a licence to use it. It costs only 15$ (compared to standard price in the business 20-40$). You will get a watermark free version of the song, which you can use for whatever you want. This is the legal way to get background music, it is called “royalty free music” or “stock music”. “Royalty free” doesn´t mean its free, it means it free from royalty, so you don’t have to pay the artist whenever its played like in “old school” music industry. This is a “pay once and use as you please” model. Hope you find it useful and suits your needs!

This particular track can be licensed at:

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Feel free to contact at: dreamlandmedianet@gmail.com

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