Steely Dan Plush TV Jazz-Rock Party (2000) – Two Against Nature

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1. Green Earrings (00:02:40)
2. Cousin Dupree (00:09:48)
3. Bad Sneakers (00:17:03)
4. Janie Runaway (00:22:00)
5. Josie (00:26:44)
6. FM (00:33:42)
7. Gaslighting Abbie (00:39:49)
8. Black Friday (00:47:00)
9. Babylon Sisters (00:54:04)
10. Kid Charlemagne (01:05:56)
11. Jack of Speed (01:12:08)
12. Peg (01:24:07)
13. What a Shame About Me (01:29:06)
14. Pretzel Logic (01:35:04)

Plush TV Jazz-Rock Party is a live album recording of a PBS In the Spotlight special on Steely Dan, released in 2000 (along with the video recording). This video focuses on a special concert, recorded live in January 2000 at the Sony Studios in New York City, New York and features tracks from their (at the time) unreleased album Two Against Nature but also contains additional documentary footage.


Walter Becker – bass, guitar
Donald Fagen – organ, piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer
Ted Baker – piano
Jon Herington – guitar
Tom Barney – bass
Cornelius Bumpus and Chris Potter – saxophone
Michael Leonhart – trumpet
Jim Pugh – trombone
Ricky Lawson – drums
Carolyn Leonhart, Cynthia Calhoun and Victoria Cave – vocals


Director: Earle Sebastian
Producer: Joel Hinman
Executive Producers: Craig Fruin and John Beug
Executive Producers for Believe: Luke Thornton and Liz Silver
Executive Producer for In the Spotlight: David Horn
Recording and Mixing: Elliot Scheiner and Roger Nichols
Representation: Craig Fruin/HK Management
Package Photography: Michael Northrop, Photodisc and Annalisa


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