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One of the most poignant songs ever written about 9/11. The song really touches me because 9/11/2001 was my 25th wedding anniversary and we were on a Caribbean cruise. Sort of spoiled the anniversary, since the magnitude of the tragedy far outweighed our personal celebration. Speaking of “stopping”, the entire cruise sort of came to a crashing halt; all of the typical frivolous cruise activities just didn’t happen for the rest of the cruise because no one was in the mood anymore. All the people on the cruise just sort of huddled together to commiserate as we watched the images together on CNN. To see total strangers hugging each other and crying with each other was emblematic of just how united these United States are.

Now, for a while I had disabled comments being posted about this video since there was so much negative garbage. But I eventually re-enabled them. Let’s see if we can play nice. If you hate the US, keep it to yourself, we don’t care to hear it. If you want to blast the US, go someplace else and do it. This is a hurtful song, and we don’t need your negativism.

Also, for you people who are claiming that Alan recorded this song just to capitalize on the tragedy, I have this to say: SHUT UP! Unless you have some solid evidence to support your claim (and, no, saying “but South Park said it was true!” does not count as solid evidence), you are slandering the good name of Alan Jackson. The facts are that Alan did not want to release this song, but his agent convinced him to. Alan is a multimillionaire many times over and does not need exploitation to garner extra bucks. Plus, if you know anything about Alan, what a genuine and sincere person he is, you would know that such behavior is far out of character for him. So knock off the false accusations unless you can back it up.

Finally, anyone who thinks they are being funny with the inane “ladder to heaven” remarks (it wasn’t funny the first time and much less funny the 1000th time) will automatically be blocked from my channel. None of us here want to read comments from people whose life values are influenced by South Park.


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