Summer 2016 is here and so are the ultimate uplifting and inspiring songs to give you that feel good spirit.
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The Kents – Something About Her (00:00)
Zibra – Goodbye Mondays (3:42)
All Tvvins – These Four Words (6:22)
Larkins – The Tale Of Cassandra (9:22)
Knaves – Stalemate (13:06)
Early Hours – Back To Front (15:24)
Indigo Velvet – Easy Love (17:33)
The Lighthouse – Weather (20:14)
Jane’s Party – Cigarette Buzz (23:53)
Them Swoops – Alright For Me (27:05)
Kids Smoke – Cut Yourself Loose (30:59)
Little Indians – Good Love (33:33)
David Myhr – I Love The Feeling (37:05)
Everywhere – Some Other Dude (40:15)
The So Manys – Let It Go (43:30)
Weekend Wars – Easy (46:23)
The Island Club – Let Go (49:53)
Mayve – Higher (53:35)
Chris Watts – Let Go (56:30)

I do not own any content used within this video. All rights belong to their artists and producers. All videos are monetised by the bands and their labels, I do not profit financially from any content used. All music is used for free promotional purposes only.


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