The best #Music and #Videos The Plot In You – Not Just Breathing (Official Music Video)

Taken from the upcoming album ‘DISPOSE’ out February 16th.


Video by: Mathis Arnell

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I was never clear before, I lost myself and you were weak, sorry but I must inform the others on intentions that you seek, how do I choose a side, I’m just trying, I’m just fighting to say I’m alive and not just breathing, she only cares about the way she looks, can’t think for herself she’s just a frame, a body dwelling on this earth, a user of the desperate and the vain, maybe there’s someone out there who’s good with speaking to a blank stare, I know I’m preaching to a lost cause but at least I know I’m alive and not just breathing, stay away from me, I’m not afraid to speak my mind and throw this life away, I’ve been enslaved, and years of wasting time made me this way, no it won’t get better, we’ll just drift apart, and when you do start trying I hope you’re reminded I’m alive and not just breathing, time will tell but I wait patiently, there’s not a single string attached to you that I can’t see, it’s like the longer I wait the more you disintegrate, there’s not a moment I don’t hope for you but I can’t wait


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