The Best Music – New Sonic Landscapes: composer Daniel Wohl on blending the real with the digital #Stream #Music on #SoundCloud

Episode 8 of Liquid Music’s Playlist podcast features composer and electronic musician Daniel Wohl. Daniel cites some of the sonic inspirations for his latest album Holographic (a Liquid Music commission) and reveals some of the technical processes involved with creating his electro-acoustic sound world. Daniel also brings in one of his favorite uses of electronics with orchestral instruments – Heiner Goebbels’ Suite for Sampler and Orchestra from Surrogate Cities.

1. Wohl: “Holographic” from Holographic — Daniel Wohl
2. Wohl: “Replicate, Part 1” from Holographic
3. Wohl: “Shapes” from Holographic
4. Heiner Goebbels: “Sampler Suite for Orchestra: Allemand les Ruines” from Surrogate Cities — Young German Philharmonic/Peter Rundel
5. Heiner Goebbels: “Sampler Suite for Orchestra: Gavotte N-Touch Remix” from Surrogate Cities
6. Heiner Goebbels: “Sampler Suite for Orchestra: Menuett I’ingenieur” from Surrogate Cities

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