Another delve into some fantastic feel good songs, upbeat tunes and catchy lyrics guaranteed!
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(00:00) 2-14 by CAMINO
(2:40) Eye For An Eye by THE STRIKE
(5:54) Throne by TRUITT**
(9:15) Future by TORCHES
(13:05) Heroine by SATELLITE STORIES
(16:18) Footprints by X&Y
(19:54) Tonight by ANIMAL ISLAND
(23:27) It’s Just The Way by THE BEGBIES
(25:40) Get Hi by ALLIE AND IVY
(28:24) Love Will Come Back by TWO YEAR VACATION
(31:22) Midnight Dreams by DUEXO
(34:32) Turn It Up by GO NORTH TO GO SOUTH
(38:18) Pilot by FOX AND FOWL
(44:26) Dreams by FOU DE TOI
(47:44) Kerosene by COLOUR
(50:44) Youth by DALARO
(53:35) If You’re Counting by PICTURE HAUS
(56:41) Summer by POP FICTION!
(59:36) Already Love by GREAT GOOD FINE OK

** Truitt are made up of brother and sister, Brett and Brigetta Truitt from Nashville. Their catchy and upbeat single Throne is the perfect aid to emitting self-confidence, whether you listen to it once or 100 times (disclaimer: you’ll listen more than once, you can’t help it!)
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