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The End Is Not In Sight Cover by The Amazing Rhythm Aces and the full tutorial is located here –

Here are The End Is Not In Sight chords I use in my version. Notice in the demo video that I’m playing this on drop D tuning with a capo on the 2nd fret.

G chord


D chord


Bm chord


There is quite a bit of picking in various places in this song as you’ll see but the rhythm pattern is fairly straight forward all throughout the song. And there are only 3 chords in this one.

The rhythm is basically a note up dn up bassnote up dn up. Because the tuning is in drop D, when you reach the G chord, you can play the D bass on the open top string. On the D chord you can use either the open D string, followed by the open A as the bass note, or use the open D at the top as the root D.

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The End Is Not In Sight song hails from the 1976 album Too Stuffed To Jump and was released as a single, peaking at #12. The song also helps the group win a Grammy for best vocal group.

There haven’t been any famous musicans cover this song so here is a live performance by The Aces back in 1977 on Austin City Limits.

The End Is Not In Sight Live performance by The Amazing Rhythm Aces

If you’re looking for The End Is Not In Sight lyrics, you’ll find a few
free resources online as I don’t have a written tab yet … but the full instructional tutorial is here –

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