The Score – Oh My Love

The Score – Oh My Love
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Oh my love let me be your fire
We’re a thousand miles up and about to get higher
Feel my heart beating out my chest
You’re the only prayer I need to make me feel blessed (singing) ohhh

Verse 1
Rest your head like it was made of stone
Next to mine darling lay your bones
I hold you closer, let me show

We’ll shape this world like it was meant to be
Made of clay for only you and me
Awake with you is better than a dream (Ya) x2

Verse 2
Safe and sound is all you’ll ever know
Shake the ground the higher that we go
We’ll take the stars and show em how to glow

Ya cuz life is more than just a waiting game
And we’re not waiting til it’s time to play
The only rules I play by are you

I won’t be afraid
If my spirit fades
Cuz when I see your face
I know that I am saved

• The Score

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The Score – Oh My Love
The Score – Oh My Love
The Score – Oh My Love

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