A mixture of soothing, uplifting and peaceful indie folk,acoustic and overall beautiful tracks to get you pleasantly through your colder autumnal weather.
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(00:00) American Love by WILD
(4:06) Hold On by The Brevet
(8:18) Burnin’ For You by Nicholas Roberts*
(12:14) Ground by Anton Vic**
(16:15) Apples by Adam Barnes
(19:32) Carry Us By Afrakite
(22:55) Some Kind Of Love by Those Willows
(26:30) Dance It To Pieces by Klondike
(30:06) Unstable Boy by Feelds
(33:44) Carousel by Jake Houlsby
(36:54) Forever Young by Handsome And Gretyl
(40:03) I Can Take It by Jake Etheridge
(43:37) Thin Ice by Liza Anne
(46:55) Broken Line by The Eastern
(50:55) Santiago by Modern Crusoe
(54:38) Wind No Rain by The Natterjacks
(59:02) See You Later by Hudson Freeman

NICHOLAS ROBERTS is a Florida-based indie-folk musician. His cover of the classic Burnin’ For You by Blue Oyster Cult is both remarkably beautiful and haunting. Nicholas is a truly talented artist putting his own spin on a classic song, almost completely transforming it into something blissfully refreshing. Make sure you show him some support on his social media below.

ANTON VIC is a talented artist mixing genres, instruments and electronic synths making the right balance between an energetic and melancholic sound. Across a lot of melodies and rhythms will make you feel different with his atmospheric sound, between mixed genres like Indie, Alternative and Synthpop. His track Ground is composed of beautiful and meaningful lyrics organised in an arty overlapped sequence creating many layers to his music. The uplifting instruments glue the track together enhancing it throughout. Victor Anton definitely brings new ideas and raw talent to the indie music scene and I think it’s safe to say we’re all excited to see what else he has to offer in the future. Show him support below:

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