Wasted On You

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SOUNDS LIKE: A more rocking version Of Monsters & Men, Lumineers.

An up-tempo, modern country-tinged male/female duet with electric and acoustic guitars. Lyrics feature relationship issues. I own 200% of these songs. – Songwriter: Lizard McGee ( text 740.591.4633 )ASCAP Bored & Blue Music, 2017. EMAIL: lizard@lizardfamily.com

LYRICS: Wasted On You
You’re coming around now saying sorry
Saying my name like you still want me
Well, I might be rough on the tongue
But I’ll be second to none
It doesn’t matter now even if you’re sorry
You walked away like all the lovers do
And every word I said was just wasted on you

It’s mostly in the morning when I miss you
But also at night, I can’t seem to get you out of my mind, well
I’m only saying this because it’s true
I still want to be with you
You mean the world to me and baby I’m sorry
It doesn’t matter if I stay away
I wake up every day still wasted on you

I want you now, I was wrong
I need you now, like I never did before

I heard you’re dragging chains, you say you can’t forget me
White hot and wasted was all you ever wanted to be
Well, I never had a lover quite like you
Who made me feel the way that you do
But sometimes these things just don’t work out the way you want them to

I’m only saying this because it’s true
I will always be wasted on you

Source by Metatron Music

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